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suggestions for purchase of 3.2?


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Hi all i have been given a buget of £30k to get a new car at the moment i have a BMW 2.8ci v plate with 79k

Any suggestions of where a could get a good deal including p/x. Local vw dealer in M.K. offered £8500 and would not give any discount. What about importing anybody gone down that route?

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Get an X5, much better.

[/ QUOTE ]

In your humble opinion eh Lodders ?

For the amount of dosh you'd spend on an X5, I'd expected the boot to be much bigger. Alas no. Same really for the Touareg, but that's a bit cheaper than an X5, and nobody thinks you're a footballer's wife/gay lover if you drive a Touareg the_finger.gif

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Local VW dealer is MK eh... not my first choice place to go buying a new car.

TO be honest Id ring arounda few places, you will find one under some pressure to shift units that will give you a better deal. I know you should get a discount now on the 3.2 without too much trouble.

Oh and we have a meet once a month in Milton Keynes, havent had a touareg turn up yet, be good to see one. But pop along if you are close by, we do have a couple of BMWs around already.

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