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Whooshing Sound From Under Bonnet


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My R32 has a strange whooshing sound from under the bonnet. This happens when you press and release the accelerator pedal quickly. It has been into the dealer today who says it is normal, as it also happens on the Audi TT's they have. However, I have had the car 10 months and this is the first I have noticed it. The dealer says it is something today with the variable manifold flap ices_blah.gif which apparently adjusts automatically for the amount of air it needs to take in. I had the 6463 update done a few weeks ago and he says it could have been that which has produced this difference. Can anyone confirm that this also happens to theirs? It is a very loud WHOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHH, heard just before the engine revs increase, if you put your foot flat on the floor and release it immediately before the engine revs increase you can't miss it.

I have had just about enough of this car now, it has been in the dealers 6 time in the past 9 months, it has had the demister switch replaced as it was sticking, the r/h skirt replaced coz the dealer broke it when they PDI'd the car!!!, a noisey fuel pump replaced for an even noisier one!, the update done (eventually) and a squeaky driver's seat replaced. Has anyone got an R32 which hasn't spent half it's life at the dealer's????

Can you please state if you have the WHOOOOOSSHHHH and also if it is on 6463 software.

Ta very much, I don't post much, but am always here...Great forum and lots of very helpful people heart.gifheart.gifheart.gif

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It's the variable intake which makes the wooshing noise when the throttle opens - as the dealer said.

Mine has always done it, before and since the update.

Other than a bit of messing around to get the 6463 update done, I've had no other issues with the car. Although I have only had the car 4 weeks!.

It's done 4000 miles from new if that's of any interest.


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Okay, I have been thinking about this, as well as reading other problems. It's not so much the noise that bothers me, it's the lack of rpm increase. Surely the revs should increase as soon as you hit the throttle? on my R32 the woosh noise happens then the increase in rev's. There seems to be about a half second delay from when you hit the throttle, to when the engine responds, although the woosh noise happens immediately.

Is this the throttle response problem that people are reporting?

Cheers guys

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The very fact that you hear the whooshing sound immediately,

proves that there is no DBW throttle response problem.

The whooshing sound is air rushing through the throttle body

with the throttle wide open. The DBW throttle reacts

within 1/15-1/10th of a second, and can go from full closed

to full open and back to full closed within 3/15ths of a

second (I verified all this by shooting a video

that showed gas pedal position and throttle position simultaneously,

and since it was going 15fps, that's why I use 15ths.)

As for your 1/2 second delay..

1. It's probably nowhere near 1/2 second

2. It takes time for the air to get from the throttle body through

the intake manifold to the pistons. Any car with a big intake

manifold will see a little bit of lag, but it's not that much.

Try the test in 1st gear at 4000 rpms, and tell me there's a

1/2 second lag.


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you seem quite tech Daemon, wondering if you can help.

Whilst i'm driving from cold and do about 20 miles to let the engine warm up. Then when driving on the warm engine i get a whizzing noise from behind the glove box. This noise is throttle related as it resinates to me lifting the throttle up and down.

So no noise as i accelarate in any specific gear, but when i let go of the accelerator, to change gear each time, i get a whizzing noise (can't tell if the noise is air ralated of a samll motor whirring.) from behind the gove box.

Only happens after at least 10-15 mins of driving.

Any idea's would be goos as the stealers says he can't here it and would'nt worry, but the issue has been logged with them.

Thanks in advance

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Your glove box side is our driver side, which is also where

the tranny hangs off the motor. There's a high pitched

gear whine sound I hear when upshifting at high revs

in 2nd, 3rd gear, which I believe to be normal as I've

heard it in multiple R32's. I like that sound. VR6's

make all sorts of interesting noises that just add to

their character. wink.gif


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If its a hissing wizzing sound, then it might be that you have done the exhaust flapper modification (by pulling the tube off the valve by the muffler), and have not plugged the end of the tube up with something to seal it. When mine wasn't sealed, I was hearing a noise when letting off the throttle as well.

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If you forget to plug up the vacuum hose, then what

you're hearing is the vacuum pump running continuously

(normally it runs only long enough to evacuate the vacuum

resevoir and then shuts off).

The whirring/whizzing sound under the bonnet is normal though.


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Got the 6463 today and the car has been owned since Dec2002 without any issues. The update was a excuse to see if the remap is even better than 0001 (1st version) its reported and giving better rpm, better mpg (mine always does 19.9mpg) and possibly similar pwer and torque to the Audi 3.2 (250bhp) I'll see over the next few days.

I haven't noticed any more engine noise, but the exhust seems a bit deeper at top revs!

Check and make sure all sound proofing / matting is still on the roof of the bonet, the noise sounds like air induction from what you describe. Is it a sucking (air)noise or a exhust blow?

Try to stick with the car, it is a great fun car, its just a shame that the VW UK group and a big lump of its dealers don't seem to be able to offer anywhere near an acceptable level of service.

Today I saw a £49,995 Tourag in the dealers. I feel upset at spending £24,800 on a car and not getting the sevice I expected and (salesman) promised. Just imagine the upset with spending that much and getting the same s^&* treatment as us! blush.gif

The car is the saving grace, prehaps they should be compared to a high maintenence affair, if you want the looks, the body, the prestiage and the performance then you must prepare for some periodic expense and the occasional tantrum! Try beating the car a la Basil Fawlty, if all else fails!

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