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It's a Volvo


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I'm driving a 1993, 480 automatic with a T2 garret turbo.

Well having spent lots of money on a new exhaust (it had the non-turbo tiny exhaust on)

I fitted a new dump valve / new air filter / new atf/oil /

it's been looked at by the local engine shop who said it does not boost very much.

My boost says 0.3bar, I cleaned the intercooler / throttle body / turbo hose. Put a few bottle of injector cleaned through it. I had the boost turned up to the red and it was still slow. (that was a manual boost controler)

Still gutless, Lots of revs and no power.

From zero it's very slow to move off but when on the motorway it's very quick.

just all revs and no turbo. I can hear the turbo but I get no kick.

I drove other auto 480 turbos and they shift and spin the wheels and all that.

Mine is shtf.gif

anyone able to tell me why it's so pants?

and no it's not because it's an auto. It should be so much better then this.

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