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Used R32 Check List


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A little guide for those thinking of buying a used R32 (compiled using RIZ_32, Moschops and Simon690's post - cheers fellas 169144-ok.gif)

Here is a checklist of things that are recommended to be looked over, there could be items I've missed so anyone feel free to add.

1. Freebies - Umbrella, Keyring, Pen

2. EPC + ESP Lights - Upgrade Firmware to latest (version 4)

3. Check that the engine sump guard has been fitted

4. Check paint work and interior for abnormal marks or damage

5. Make sure all paperwork is in order

6. Make sure got all items, i.e. mats, etc

7. Check the rims for scratching

8. You should get two keys and a plastic key number tab (VW no longer supply the plastic emergency key).

9. Hesitation - check to see if car has had 6463 update

The pen should in the leather bound user guides. The umbrella should be in its own container and the keyring should have its own box.

Also if your having the Sat Nav, make sure you've got the disc for it and the users guides as these are not in the leather user guide folder.

Check the tool kit in the boot is complete

If you have the Delta stereo make sure that the correct book is in the pack (and the code) with the other guides.

Tools should include


Wheel brace

Bottle of tyre moose gunge

Mini compressor

10/13mm spanner


Screw in tow hook

Locking Key Socket

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