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Dads PC


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OK, so i cleaned some virus stuff from my Dads PC a while ago and left him with instructions to buy something like Norton Internet secutriy for firewall and virus protection - well my sister listened, my gran listened but my Dad didnt see the point.

So now he has something which changes the values in the registry for default home page to a search site (on-search or something like that) changes homeold settings to about:blank, and sets default search to sp.html which is a file that has appeared in his temp directory.

I have done a quick search on this sp.html but didnt find much usefull, can anyone advise what he has.


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Chris, Spybot search and destroy sorted me out when I had something similar!

When my old man asked me to look at his PC, I had a quick look at his history file and almost pissed myself! jump.gif



to name a few! There's obviously life in the old (>60) dog yet! yelrotflmao.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

jump.gif classic stuff !! I hope I'm still 'active' at that age 169144-ok.gif

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