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BMW 1 series.


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Theres a couple of them in the beemer garage near my workplace. Feck they are ugly.

My neighbour testdrove one, said they are really nice to drive but he just couldn't handle the looks, so has an order in for a 3 series (strange how they neighbours start looking for a beemer after mum gets one sekret.gif )

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... so how come your signature says "sack bangle now"? smile.gif

I think the new 5 and 7 series are beautiful cars, much better than the rather bland Audi's. Shortly after we got our two new cars, I was speaking to a friend who had driven past our house.

The conversation went something like;

"Where's your new car then?"

"Parked in the car park out the front!"

"No it's not"

"Ha ha very funny"

"No seriously, it's not there"

So, panic struck, I ran outside with him and said "Look it's there, the Audi".

"Oh, I drove past your house and saw the big black bmw - spotted another car too but didn't really pay much attention to it."

frown.gif The Audi is a "nice" car, but the BMW is a "stunning" car which turns heads wherever it goes!

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