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Many thanks for the welcome!!

Im Danish but live in the UK. Back home in Feb. 2004, there was a very good deal on a new (LHD) R32 DSG in Midnight Blue and I bought it thinking I would sell it soon in Germany without a big loss. Now, despite of many problems, Im so happy with the car that it looks like I will keep it for longer time.

This Summer I visited AMD where one of the guys had a go in it. He felt that the performance was very similar to the TT V6, which I also think myself.

I`ve also had problems with hesitation but it seems to be a bit different than the manuals. 95 % of the time it has enormous torque (for a 3.2) in the low register; the rest of the time it sounds like a misfire and drives like a 1.6!

Some of my friends have manual R32`s and when I try them, they differ with a more "subtle" and linear hesitation with flat spots at 2800 rpm. Their new V6364 update has cured it 95% of the time but not all!!

More will come on my experience with R32 DSG vs. R32 Manual


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So, AFAIK, you're our first UK DSG owner. Welcome onboard.

[/ QUOTE ]

Not quite...I've had my DSG in the UK since June, great car with a an even greater gearbox, not suffered any hesitation problems yet, but have found that the change from 1st to 2nd gear can be slow at max load/max rpm (6500) in normal auto mode, when I use sport mode (in auto mode) the g/box changes at about 6100rpm and is much quicker to change gear, plus using the paddles or the gearstick in tiptronic mode, it changes much quicker at about 6100rpm than if i hold all the way to 6500rpm or to the limiter.

Though all the other changes from 2nd to 3rd and above are all perfomed at approximately the same speed in auto mode and quicker in sport mode or sport manual mode, i can only assume because of the high torque loadings on the box VW have engineered it to change a bit slower at max rpm between 1st ans 2nd gear.

Hope this makes sense???

Have you experienced anything similar?


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