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Have I done the right thing? S4 Avant


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I have just ordered an S4 Avant in black with silver leather.

I am coming from BMW...had 2 330ci sports. Have I done the right thing?

The reason for the change is I have a 1 year old and the BMW was a pain the the bum with child seats and storage, although the car is great.

I only had the car in March 04 and have been royally shafted on trade in - £11000 in 14 months if I give it back to my dealer!!

I had an S4 Avant for the weekend and loved it. What noise it makes! 4 exhausts look really nice!! I have never had an Audi before, and just wanted some reassurance that its the business!

I have gone for Tiptronic, and TBH it was quick, but not as quick as I had expected -it had only done 1500 miles - do they loosen up?

Any options I should have had?

I have had the following:

Sat nav plus

Heated front seats

Dipping rear view mirror


rear side blinds

load pack

Front centre armrest

cruise control

6 disc changer

I didnt bother with phone prep (£500!)

Anything I should have added?



PS and will people let me out of junctions now?!

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The phone prep is pretty cool on latest audis.

If I was looking for one second hand, I'd be looking for it. Integrates quite nicely.

Apart from that, awesome car and spec. 169144-ok.gif

Try driving it in tip mode manually changing the gears for a while.

This will give you a good feel for the peak torque of the engine etc, and will also let you extract most performance from it.

It learns your style too, so after some "razzing" the box will get more aggressive.

Enjoy the torque and stop worrying!

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I am a worrier, unfortuately, and wont stop until I have it ROLLEY~14.GIF

Thanks for they reply guys...I didnt know about the learning business.

I wondered about sun-protection glass, but didnt want it to look to pimpy.

Cant wait really...getting quite excited!!!

I wonder how long......

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well we have a bmw convertable and 1.8t avant both nice cars to drive and the wife prefers the audi i know its not the s4 for performance but im well happy with the road handling and ride and its triptronic and great fun when u put it in the manual shift pulls well so can only imangine what it,s like in the s4

sounds a nice motor looking forward to the pic,s 169144-ok.gif

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