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While I'm on a roll! (Photos)


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Nice car, the 996 wheels look well on it. cool.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Cheers! I was lucky,the previous owner had spent the bucks getting the correct wheels rather than copies.They just made it look that little bit better than the others I saw.

MrMe,you have very good point.It's been since that day that I've been trying to upload the pics! Well not literally but you get the idea! grin.gif

I used to think I was OK with computers until I had to tackle the uploading of pics.Well it's not so much the uploading of them but getting them to a size that is acceptable but still viewable.Even now,I don't know how you guys get them into the body of the post without having to be an attachment.Trouble is,I've run out of new cars to practice on! tongue.gifgrin.gif

Rich TT-Yes it is indeed a Turbo SE,one of the last from 91,that's why it has the 968 style spoiler from the factory along with lsd and MO30 suspension as standard.

It's running about 300bhp(50 over standard)and is very quick but at the moment it has a very slight head gasket leak so isn't being used at all.It goes in next week to be repaired but at over a grand it's not something that I'm relishing tbh!

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