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Phaeton R60!

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VW have said that they are thinkin about brining out one of these puppies. it is said to have 600bhp and it an adaptation of the Bently 6ltr W. It is set to rival the new s65AMG with 612bhp, and has an asking price of around £90k blush.gif, which is nothing compared to the mercs 120k asking price.

If it was me i would personally get the merc, actually i would get niether and have an M3 coupe with all the bits heart.gif and have a dung.gif load of change.

Just shows they are just trying to make the cars faster and faster, but then again, who is complaining grin.gif

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Not with luxuary space in the back and 5 seats. Also in a staigh lie i bet it will give all ferraris a run for their money (par the enzo)

I have recently read that merc are bringing out a whole new range of AMG models for 2006. They are dripping the 5.5supercharged 500bhp(541 derestrcted) for the a big vor n/a 6.3 boosting...wait for it....700bhp!!!!!! This will be avalible for the SL, CL and S range.... now they will be top motors no matter what blue or Lagoo bond boy sez znaika.gif

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