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Hi teccies, here's one for ya. I;ve got a '94 Cabrio with a 2.6ABC engine (as if that makes a difference to my problem !).

With engine running, when I'm driving and I brake fairly hard, the brake warning light in the dash flashes once or maybe twice. Also, when at rest, if I apply pressure to the pedal, you feel pressure but it depresses about half way before becoming solid and you can feel a pulsating sensation (as you would if braking hard and the ABS cuts in). When doing this the brake warning light comes on a couple of time. Braking efficiency is not affected. All pads are new and my grease monkey says that the diagnostics tell him a number of thiongs but are not specific.

Anyone have any positive ideas or experienced the same situation before I go changing a lot of expensive stuff for nowt ?

Cheers and be safe

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