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RE: Cab stuff


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Ever since I got back off holiday, I haven't had to have the roof up... At all.

Literally!!! ECLIPSe.gif

And it's another fantastic day today! cool.gif


...Only problem is, I have green mouldy stuff growing on the roof.

How do I get that off?

The roof actually failed to close a few weeks ago. That's never happened before. Raising it fully and then lowering it again fixed it.

Guess it's starting to suffer from the abuse it gets! grin.gif


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Probably the weight of the mould preventing it from operating properly grin.gif, is the mould due to you storing the roof while slightly wet or is it parked under trees etc ?

I have tried once before to drop my roof when it was slightly wet, the mechanism refused to work. Not sure if it can detect the weight of the roof so as not to put unnecessary stress on the mechanism ?

Bit gutted at the moment, over in washington and its 75 degrees and clear blue skies, perfect cab weather. Will be glad to get rid of this yank tank hire car at the end of the week smashfreakB.gif

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