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Do I need +RW?


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Ok, my mate at the local Panasonic centre has the new DVD recorders in. But the one I was going to buy hasn't got Freeview, which I think would be useful. To get Freeview I have to buy a dearer one.

Now, he's got an "old" model one which has Freeview and which, because it is an older model, is heavily discounted and wil work out about the same cost.

The only thing is, the "new" one will record in all formats, the "old" one won't record in +RW.

Now the formats is where I struggle. What do I actually need?

What I want to be able to do is download video from my Camcorder onto DVD's to keep, and on occasion to be able to send to people so they can pop them into their players and watch them.

I was hoping to do this via my PC but it seems rather complicated so for the short term being able to just plug the Camcorder into the DVD recorder, press play on one and record on the other, and have viewable DVD's seems an easy solution (although will mean i can't edit them which is a pain).

So, should I get the "old" model one which was £300 and has Freeview but no +RW, and which I can get for under £200, or the new one which is similar money, has all the formats, but no Freeview?

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+RW means that it writes to +R re-writable discs.

This means that you won't be able to use the +R discs which you can delete and re-write to.

Does it have -R & +R capability?

If so, then that's all you need. Blank discs are so cheap nowadays so you can burn once and keep/dispose of it. 169144-ok.gif

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ari - if you want panasonic give me a bell, we insure a panasonic centre and he does great m8's rates

[/ QUOTE ]

Thanks Jon. As it happens the Panasonic chappy is a friend of mine, so he's looking after me. Appreciate the offer though. 169144-ok.gif


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