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How long does TLC last for?


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I had a MCS when they first came out and I bought the TLC pack and remember that it was 5 years or 50k miles but this woman said her's only lasted 3 years which made me ask the question...she obviously didn't know what she was going on about.

Anyhow after an hour's drive down to Bristol yesterday to meet at a motorway services as arranged, I had a phone call from the husband saying that someone local was on his way to see the car and told me to wait for a call from him to see what happens with this other person. He did buy the car and I had a wasted journey for nothing especially after we agreed to meet more than 60 miles from my house.

I was not happy mad.gif I really couldn't believe they did that. I certainly wouldn't have done that to a prospective buyer. sportifs2.gif

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