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S8 spec & tech info needed


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hi guys

new to the forum but veteran of a few others (mainly hobby related) and also soon to be an S8 owner 169144-ok.gif

left a deposit yesterday & should pick it up next weekend jump.gif

what i was after is some tech info on the car, specs etc

i heard the centre diff was a Torsen type but haven't found anything to back this up etc

that kind of thing

i've been in the trade for 22 years now so am fairly technically proficient, i'm just new to Audis despite admiring them from afar for a while

looking forward to spending time in my car & on here also

any help gratefully recieved

thanks in advance


'98 Audi S8 169144-ok.gif

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soon to be an S8 owner 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Hi Adam,

You've heard right, the S8 does have a Torsen centre differential providing a mechanical 50/50 front/rear torque split, somebody will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's a T2 type Torsen. The Torsen-based quattro system also provides a left/right torque split on each axle by using the ABS sensors to brake a spinning wheel on an axle, so the torque is transferred to the other side, although this only operates up to a certain speed.

I don't know what other tech specs you're after, fire specific questions and somebody will have an answer.

Oh, and a stock forum response: go visit PaulW's audipages.com for lots of A/S8 techie info.

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sweet, thanks for your reply, i'll check out the link you sent me 169144-ok.gif

we use Torsen diffs in our RC cars too & under some conditions they are the business, we get usually the best results from them using Torsens in the front only!

i've got a couple of links to sites explaining diffs incase anybody else was interested?



and a more explanatory site about all types HERE

plenty of reading for us all there 169144-ok.gif

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If you look on the Aplications page on the Torsen site, it lists types A and B (T1 and T2) for various Audi models. The new RS 4, Q7 and upcoming S8 all use the type C (T3) Torsen as the centre diff, with a 60/40 rear-biased torque split, and I think the new packaging means finally Audi can begin shifting some of the engine/gearbox mass further behind the front wheels.

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very similar car, its an Xray XB8 with one of the Recab Modded OS engines 169144-ok.gif

that pic was taken at a big indoor supercross meeting held over 3 days this easter at harper Adams agricultural college!

they actually have an indoor soil hall!

people underestimate the RC stuff & dismiss them as toys but there is a LOT of quite technical stuff involved in one of these cars! very important when you consider their power/weight ratio - about 3 Bhp for 3.2 kilos shocked.gif

plus the engines will pull to about 40,000rpm! add to this fast tracks with big jumps & you should see the attraction jump.gif

the onroad 1/8 scale will hit 85 plus on std gearing & do the 0-62mph in 1.6 secs! they will also corner on full throttle! you need to see them to believe them!

i'll post a link to a vid or 2 later 169144-ok.gif

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