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Xd Memory Card Non-Joy!!


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Just got back from a short trip and wanted to download my pictures from my digital camera onto the computer only for the card to say -

Card not Initialized! SAUER0421.GIF

There were photos and stuff on it as I looked through them at the airport before we came back so wtf has happened since then I don't know.

Is there anyway of getting 'into' the card to gain access to the data?

I've tried using the media reader on my computer, connecting the camera to the computer with a cable and also using a separate memory card reader with no success.


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Can you see the pics on the camera with the card in it?

My fiancee had this problem with her camera, ended up swapping the camera for a different make. Did try Kodak with the Xd card, now got a Fuji with the Xd card.

Only thing I can think of, is to try anotehr Xd card camera to see if they appear. OR

If you have a printer with an Xd card reader..........


Take it to the local Kodak shop for their printer things

Good luck.

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Try to minimise the use of the card until you obtain some recovery software. That includes putting it in card readers or cameras. This could reduce the number of files that can be recovered.

I've had great success with this piece of software.

I managed to recover nearly 1GB of honeymoon pictures when a card went fubar during my 2 week visit to Canada.

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