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New 330 Petrol to match 330d for economy.


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Yep thats right. They are launching a 330DI for Direct injection. In normal town driving it can reach 40MPG+

If they put it onto the 325 it looks like it will be on my new motor list.

Will have a look for an article.

[/ QUOTE ]


40MPG in town! I'd doubt the diesel can get anywhere near that, let alone the petrol!

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Sceptics laugh.gif

It did say 40mpg with relaxed stop start driving... UHOH7.GIF Not grand prix starts at every set. grin.gif

BHP on the new 330DI is 272bhp with torque the same as the current motor.

Either way is better than sitting on their laurels and doing nothing. The proof will be in the driving and as yet it seems they haven't released any specific C02 or MPG figures yet.

Still.. interesting to see how it turns out. 169144-ok.gif

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