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V reg Passat on the M4


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Driving home from work yesterday on the M4 I was passed by a V reg Passat. Not unusual, or even worth mentioning usually, but keep reading.

So this Passat passed me in the middle lane and perhaps 200 yards in front of me braked despite nothing being in front of it, then drifted across the outside lane (straddling the two lanes). It was now travelling slower than I was so I pulled out and overtook. As I passed the Passat I noticed that a female passenger was leaning from the back between the front seats and seemed to be having some sort of argument with the driver. Having passed, I pulled back in to the inside lane.

A few minutes later the Passat passed me again. The woman was still wedged between the front seats and, once in front of me, I could see she was giving the driver a pretty hard time, possibly involving a bit of physical abuse. A couple of sudden and unecessary braking manouvres meant I was again travelling faster so I pulled out and overtook. This time as I passed I saw the woman sit back and proceed to attempt to open the rear door on the driver's side...

... at 80mph...

... in the middle lane of the M4 shocked.gif

The driver seemed to holding his head in his hands so, despite an urge to hand around to see what happened, I put my foot down and put as much space between myself and the other car as possible.

Livened up an otherwise dull commute, but smashfreakB.gif

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