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1.8T Quattro Sport MPG


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Odd one this...

Posted last week about my 1.8t giving a very occasional shudder when idle, but in the past week its been fine and going like dung.gif off a shiny shovel. Anyway when i first got the car i was getting 280 to a tank, and since Jan have not really taken it on any big runs.

Ive been running it lately (5 tanks or so) on Tesco 99 Ron and have been getting steadily better mileage. Ive manage 404.1 Miles on the last tank. 200 miles of bmth to London and not driving like miss daisy all the way, in fact i had a slight altrecation with a Focus TDi today meaning i was doing 100 and (sounds like) naughty mph ECLIPSe.gif for a bit (not clever i know). Overall on the way back i cracked 39 mpg+ frankly im amazed!

Anyone else got experiences of this in a 1.8T, Sootchuckers need not apply heh heh!


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