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Has my DV failed?


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What are the symptoms of a failed Forge DV?

Was driving my Golf back from a VW show in Belgium this weekend and decided to play with a 911 Carerra 4, anyway I overtook him at the wrong side of 150! the_finger.gif

And as I kept on going I suddenly fealt the engine just hold back, it now runs like a bag of spanners, all the vital signs seem OK, oil & water temps dropped back to normal, no nasty knocking from the engine but it's idling very lumpy and doesn't accelerate smooth and uses more fuel.

Also the boost gauge needle jumps around a bit on idle which isn't normal which leads me to believe that it might be the DV or maybe I've got a loose boost hose but the hoses seem to be in place. The Turbo seems to spin up OK, so I don't think it's damaged but then again I could be wrong.

Any ideas?

Cheers in Advance Guys! grin.gif

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I thought that Alex didn't have the coil pack system on his car ?

[/ QUOTE ]

You're right Graham, I decided against running coilpacks, far too unreliable, I just run a central coil and normal HT leads.

I have a feeling it could be a problem with the MAP sensor, I'll have a closer look tomorrow, I'll also plug the laptop into the DTA brain and check for any fault codes.

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It won't be the coil packs then tongue.gif

If you disconnect the connector into the MAF then the car should gain it's readings the best it can from elsewhere. I had a bad MAF on my car and one of the tests that Mitch from REVO did was just that. Mind you, I didn't have a bad a problem as yours sounds.

I've also had loose hoses on my old A3 and that didn't cause the car to misbehave, just make more whoosing noise when on boost and generally not go as well.

I've got my old MAF and housing if you want it mate, it still works, just not very well.

Hope the VAGCOM finds something for you mate,


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Well in theory it should create a fault code, as the ECU is looking for an output from the MAFS circuit board, and when it doesn't see that it should revert back to a factory setting for the MAF, limiting performance, and secondly should log the fault. It depends if Audi/Bosch have decided that a MAF fault is important enough to log that sort of fault.

The above is based on Nissan engines which use basically the same setup, and I know a bit about them...it's my job! beerchug.gif

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Did some more inspection work today, DV fine, MAF fine, all hoses present & correct.

Then I decide to remove the plug leads (no coilpacks remember), removed the plugs......... and I find that cylinder no.3 has completely melted the end of my platinum plug! shocked.gif

Out comes the compression tester, cylinders 1, 2 & 4 are fine, cylinder 3 has feck all compression.

Looks like the head's coming off, I just hope it's a valve and not a piston.

Bugger!! suicide.gif

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