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Milltek sports cats fitted (Pics & vids)


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After 4 months of tripping over the box on my landing, Saturday afternoon finally saw me fitting Milltek hi-flow sports cats. Well, I say "me" but in fact I was only the mechanics assistant smlove2.gif

With the car up on the lift, 6 nuts on the flange blush.gif to remove and a clamp onto the Milltek centre section, disconnect the pair of oxygen sensors and the standard cats could be removed.

I polished my flanges laugh.gif to allow a perfect seal between the cats and the downpipe using new gaskets. We wriggled the sports cats into place, tightened it all up and then it was time for a road test laugh.gifcool.giflaugh.gifECLIPSe.gif

The car feels more responsive, picks up better and is slightly louder and a bit more "throaty". There's more popping and crackling on the overrun too cool.gif

Click these 2 pics for short video clips:

th_cracklepop.jpg th_cracklepopdriveby.jpg

Next project is the fitting of Schrick Cams and another remap to suit jump.gif








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I know jimmy_p runs a Revo remap

[/ QUOTE ]

Certainly do, i would definitly go for the stage 2 remap if running the high flow cats aswell, makes such a difference compared to the standard one (which is very good anyway) as it takes into account of the cats and or air take... 169144-ok.gif

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