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Torque is now up to about 290lb/ft or roughly 390Nm. VW quote 226lb/ft for this car but Ed reckons standard is nearer 240-250 to start with. Seems likely as actual bhp is usually more than the 128bhp quoted as standard.

No rolling road printout but to drive there is much more oopmh through the range.

It'll happily flash the traction control light coming out of roundabouts in 2nd with 300 mile old tyres.

Motorway is so lazy and relaxed and the pickup using the buttons on the cruise control is rather good too.

Just checked the figures and it's now similar to a standard 330d. That'll be another mate of mine off to Mothercare for a new dummy then! jump.gif

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Only £120 per year (on a Comp policy) which doesn't seem to be too painful considering the extra fun to be had.

[/ QUOTE ]

Hi Mate

Is that an extra £120 a year or the total insurance price - I would (putting sensible hat on) say its an extra which I think is pretty high personally but wanted to check.



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It's additional but then I only pay a total now of £400 comp on a car with the thick end of 40% more power than before.

As I've also just given up riding bikes the premium saved on that hobby more than covers the increase on the Fastit.

It's all relative I suppose. For the extra fun I'm having it's a heck of a lot cheaper than forking out thousands on a new car with the same power already in it. smile.gif

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