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Its here...


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Just been to my dealer and my car is here.... jump.gif

The dealer is being a bit helpful and sitting on it until 1st September as I am on holiday until then.

Its in the showroom under armed guard, i've wired it to the mains, left a number of small but lethal snakes in the glovebox and under the seat, dusted it for prints and put chalk marks on the tyres to make sure it isn't moved, touched or dribbled on.

Its a 5 door, black with black leather and looks drop dead. I've had a sit in it and the general fit/finish is pretty good, the engineering and detail under the backend is also quite impressive, even the springs are branded 'R' sport.

Can't wait, but i've got to....

Dealer is in Watford if anyone wants a look, but its mine, all mine... my precious...

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you could try gazumping, but i've got their gti courtesy car as ransome and I don't mind running around in that for another few months until the mkv comes around (business [email protected]/mile on 160 miles a day is making it a right little revenue earner)

mind you all things have a price and I could be tempted to join the ranks of autotrader for something north of £30k, but on the other hand I reckon the wait is worth it....

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