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[Audi A3/S3] Samco TIP for S3


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Does your car have ESP.

There are at least 2 types of TIP pipe

With ESP, or Without ESP.

There may even be a third type.

Sorry I cant be more specific.

Counting the outlets on your oem hose and noting their positions, compared to the one your hoping to buy wuld certainly help you in finding out.

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It can be a pig to fit. It all hinges on where the Jubilee clip is mounted onto the turbo.

If the screw is accessible, then it makes it alot easier.

A small mirror can come in handy as well, to see where the screw on the turbo jubilee is located.

I did mine with a small draper 1/4 drive socket set.

all the other OEM hose clips will have to be cut (with snips) twisted and broken off, replaced with jubilees as they are one use clips.

getting the hose off the turbo was a bit of a fight even with jubilee removed, it was a tug of war!

finally, its alot easier to do all this with the airbox totally removed, ( sub 10 min job) as it gives you elbow room.

<font color="red"> ~ above all, cleanliness is the key, you dont want ANY debris in the hose or the turbo, whilst the hoses are off. ~</font>

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£100 - £125 quid.

[/ QUOTE ]

Tell me Paul, is it worth it?

I had a complete exhaust made (decat) and I am about to remap my S3. I'm wondering whether to buy and install such a induction pipe from samco that would inprove air flow.

Another option is to have a FMIC made to improve temperature, but I don't know if there's any point doing that because I've heard that stock ICs are quite okay.

And advice?


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I did it because i was suffereing with the intake hose collapse in high ambient temps, and also ended up with a hole in two of the hoses.

Documented below.


engine sounds healthier with them in place , but i doubt any performance increase, Just flows a little better.

Cant say it made any difference to air flow volume.

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