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When does my cam belt need changing ?


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On the back of what peterb says, here is a quote from 4RingsDH that he posted a couple of weeks ago. He is an Audi Tech after all!

To all, Audi have just introduced a 4 year change interval of cambelts irrespective of mileage on the whole range! I assure you this is TRUE. It does not apply to those vehicles that have no change interval i.e. A3 1.6 (8L chassis). So for all low mileage users dont think that your 5 year old Audi will be subject to goodwill if your cambelt fails. Audi have been known to change reccomended change intervals in the past, which is the most likely reason for garages to give different change intervals when quized. However Audi always publish latest information for the main dealers reference.

Please contact me directly with any queries.

Regards 4 Rings

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