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Bentley GTC at the Motorshow...


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I went there yesterday as mum was given a few tickets so she could see the Bentley GTC. The show was OK, it was too hot for me, and so many people about. But there were 4 stars of the show in my opinion...

1. Maybach Exalto (or whatever its called)- this car looked simply stunning, a real achievement and something very new and interesting.

2. New Civic Type R. Fitted its skin so well, if the car looks like that, it will sell like hot cakes.

3. Caparo F1 - If that car is as fun as it looks, its sure going to break some records. Cant wait to see the first road test.

4. The biggest surprise was the GTC. It looked dare I say it stunning, and in a cab format it just looks so right. Parket up next to the clumbsy GT and the lump of a Flying Spur it looked really good, like the Gt was born to be a cab and it was teh coupe version that was actually the afterthought... She has my blessing... never thought id say it but she has 169144-ok.gif

(And my personal fave was the Ascari, defo a car I would love to have in my garage...)








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