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The July issue explained

Sniff Petrol

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Hello all,

Sorry about the radio silence, and I'm equally sorry to break it with some sad news. Like Father Christmas, Janet Jackson or all the stuff in that series of Dallas that ends with Bobby Ewing in the shower, the July Sniff Petrol does not exist.

I won't bore you with the details, although despite what has been rumoured here it's nothing to do with me being dead as far as I know, but a series of complicated things going on made it near impossible to actually put together the usual orangey festival of lame gaggery. Sorry about that.

On the plus side, since July is almost over we're moving straight on to the August issue which will also be - gasp! - the 5th year of Sniff Petrol.

So, stand by for the great Sniff Petrol 5th anniversary celebrationganzaathon. It'll be out on Friday 4 August. Promise promise promise, cross my heart and hope to die.

That is all.


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