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Audi Dealer of Woe......


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Bloody Hell, here we go again......

......some of you may have read my post regarding the grating noise on my S3 that would occur when shifting at 5K revs or above from 2nd to 3rd gear before engagement.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that it's the synchro on it's way out so two weeks ago this was mentioned to my local Audi dealer to be looked at. The service advisor was very helpful, (this guy always is), he also agreed it has the symptoms of the synchro going, so rang one of the techs who also confirmed this.

Now, I had to wait 2 weeks for a booking, (not really a problem), I drop my car in today at 8am explaining what it is in for to another service advisor which in turn writes the information down, gives me a loan car which apparently has a full tank and must be returned in this way and sends me packing.

In actuallity, the loan car has 1/3rd of a tank and is an employee's company car I was given hastily as they gave my loan car to someone else. I reset the trip-meter, take a photo of the dash pod on my phone for good measure and set off. smirk.gif

At 4:30 I recieve a call from the same service advisor telling me that the tech has driving my car and it needs a new clutch and this is whats causing my problem, then before I can say a word he immediately states that it is a "wear & tear" item that must be paid for. mad.gif

Now, I know enough about cars and have gone through enough gearboxes and clutchs to know the difference......I immediately question this conclusion, I'm told "it's just what the tech has written down".

I'm offered the chance to come in for a test drive with the tech if I arrive before 5:30 which is what I originally asked for this morning but was turned down due to lack of staff.

I shoot over there and on arrival am told one of the techs will be out to see me, so far so good.....

.....The tech comes out, a nice guy and I explain the situation to him, he mentions that he drove the car earlier and the biting point on the clutch feels high and that's why I'm hving problems shifting, because it needs changing.

I state that the clutch isn't slipping, the biting point isn't particularly high, it doesn't need changing yet and I'm not having a problem shifting.

What I am having a problem with is that the car at around 5K revs is grating when shifting from 2nd to 3rd which is in no way linked to a dodgy clutch, it's obviously the synchro.

The tech states that he only took the car around the block so didn't feel or hear the grating, (which is what was written down to be checked and it was booked in for!!!) mad.gifmad.gifmad.gif

I say we're going to be out for at least 30 minutes as there are no NSL roads about and I need to drive fast for the fault to occur. Tech say he's got lots of work to do so to check with service advisor who says I've only got 10 minutes.

At this point it's apparent that they've had my fecking car all day, the tech has driven it for about 5 minutes around the block and unless he's been doubling the speed limit he hasn't gotten anywhere near the speed that the fault occurs at! SAUER0421.GIF

I ask for it to be booked in another day where I can take the tech for a long run and show them the fault and he suggests overnight testing where one of the techs will take the car home with them......like feck they will!!! the_finger.gif

Anyway, at this point I'm pretty pissed off, the guy says he will call me tomorrow to arrange a new booking, which he probably has no intention of doing....

....I give him the loan car keys back and tell him that it only had 1/3rd of a tank and I've only done 14.3 miles, (home and back) and didn't bother putting any petrol in it.

Service guy asks the colleague who's car it was if it had a full tank and get the reply, it was full to the brim, couldn't get anymore in there. I reply with a swift "No it wasn't, mention that I reset the trip computer before setting off and they should have a record of the actual mileage just as I do! znaika.gif

I tell the guy to charge me for the 14.3 miles I've done as per for their MPG data for that vehicle, end up giving the guy £2 change and get out of there before I do one.

I have had it with this dealer now and with Audi in general, I no-longer want a new S3 if this is the type of shoddy customer care I can expect, I'll be selling my S3 at the earliest convenience once it has been repaired and will be buying the Evo that has been tempting me!

DAMPROCK AUDI, (those who know will understand)

YOU ARE SHITE!!! the_finger.gif

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Your dealership is an incompetent, dishonest crock of shite. I told them that 4 years ago and haven't been back since.

Entirely due to their 100% incompetence (and at times dishonest) behaviour I have been having my car serviced in Dartford and even Maidstone ever since. I have enjoyed fantastic service at these 2 places but I have nothing but vitriol and disdain for Soddenpebble Audi.


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If I could be bothered to send a letter I would, but to be honest, I don't trust them.

I don't want them anywhere near my car now, I'm tempted to try Hatfield Audi but they're part of the same HR Owen group. ROLLEY~14.GIF

Imagine I'd paid £1000 for a new clutch there and then, I'd be shafted and I bet it happens to hundreds of people, it's not good enough.

I'm debating getting Audi CS involved now.

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Been there, done all of the above, Its a waste of time.

My clutch is biting very high - has been for over a year (remapped). I've been slightly concerned about it and haven't been going mental with the car in certain circumstances but its still working and doesn't graunch gears at all.

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I'll be selling my S3 at the earliest convenience once it has been repaired and will be buying the Evo that has been tempting me!

[/ QUOTE ]

really sorry to hear all that - it seems that Audi just dont have a clue in certain dealerships - much like other premium brands too i think! E.g. Mercedes..... crock of $hite customer care too......

I am now into Renault ownership, after 18 months / 30k miles(100% relaible apart from 2 brake light bulbs!) of Audi...... only time will tell what that might be like!!! grin.gif

RE the EVO - do it! Part-ex the s3 against one. Mitsubishi main dealers are very good, but DO find a local Ralliart specialist and they will really look after you 169144-ok.gif

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Straight from the site......you're having a laugh right!!!

<font color="blue">The day you purchase your Audi, you don't just buy a car. You become part of a legacy that is characterised by innovation and beauty, prestige and quality. You begin a relationship founded on mutual respect and admiration that progresses into the bonds we form with you through our valuable services and aftercare support.</font> My buttcheeks.gif

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