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Warranty renewal.. MOT... Servicing Costs...


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Anybody know how much the following will cost me, just working out how much it will set me back to move back into the drivers seat of a R32.

Warranty Renewal, 07 March onwards.

Servicing 07 March, 3rd fixed service.

MOT 07 March.

Understand all prices will be estimates.. but all information welcome

For a MK4 Golf R32.

Thank you

Riz 169144-ok.gif

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Warranty is about £600 IIRC

60K service on mine was £240 (nothing major to do)

MOT costs £40 these days and I don't reckon a Mk4 would fail

It doesn't matter which way you string it Riz, you know you want to buy your old car back, so just do it FFS tongue.gif

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