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teesside audi

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had some issues with cracked manifold on my A3 FSI(see A3 post) but thanks to the Service Manager supporting my claim managed to reduce a bill of £900 to £360 with audi goodwill, dealers reductions and goodwill. Audi CS werent upto much at first offering 0, then 50% and then 75. Had good chat with them and my future cars (a6, a5).

Must say it was bit of chew but i am very happy with the help of Teesside. I havent had any issues with them since buying my A3 new from them.

Would reccomend them and always speak and push audi for goodwill if you have been a loyal customer.


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parking is a bit of a prob, are they moving?

there are always very busy in service deprt.

thinking of a new audi a4 2.0T FSI sline spec edition, will pop in on sat and see what they can do. got good deal from dealdrivers at mo, sub 24k with FCA, USB, Heated seats, light and storeage pack.

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i dealt with andrew too, nice lad didnt mind me haggling between dealers for my A3. will be going to see him tommorow about new A4.

all the other dealers are in preston farm 2 min further along the 66 from teesside so would make sense to be where they are, passing trade ect.

have u used the newcastle dealers-is it benfield and newcastle audi, i only ever popped into the one one scotswood road.

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Newcastle Audi, never again... SAUER0421.GIFSAUER0421.GIFNONO3.GIF You could try Sunderland Audi.

[/ QUOTE ]

Which bit of Newcastle Audi?

I agree sales is dung.gif but servicing have been very good to me thus far except for the quote for my second AVS. openfire.gif

Tyneside service is dung.gif and according to Milo sales is good (questionable) and Wearside, bith bits are now dung.gif whereas when they were Mill they were great.

I am so disillusioned with Colebrook & Burgess sales I'll probably always order from my original Audi dealer in Essex! At least he wants my business!

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Ok a bit of a rant, but I dislike them so much I had to write this.

When I got my S/H B5 Avant from Newcastle Audi(Scotswood Road), they had to respray the bumper. So it went to the body shop to get sorted, during the time it was away one of the mechanics went to look for the car to complete the mechanical checks, but as he could not the find it the paper work went in the bin. So I received the car without any mechanical checks what so ever. I found this out due to the fact there was so much vibration on the clutch pedal it was almost painful to drive the thing. After about 2 minutes of driving the car I did a u turn and drove straight back. They then found out that the car had not been checked and there was a few faults with it including a damaged clutch. Had to wait another 2 weeks to get the car as it required 1 or 2 parts SAUER0421.GIFSAUER0421.GIF

And my last dealing with them was getting parts for the RNS-E conversion, the guy at the parts department really could not be arsed to help me. He kept saying it could not be done even though I had the retrofit document with me... but during our short conversation I heard the following conversion between a service monkey and the stores guy...

Monkey: I need two new tyres for the A4 cab.

Stores: what are they.

Monkey: don’t know manufacture A I think

Stores: well check.

Monkey: don’t need to it will be A.

Stores: rings tyre place up need 2 tyres type A.

Stores: are u sure they are type A.

Money: hmm yer.

Stores: they will be here in 10min.

Ok I know it’s only tyres but the lazy fekr.gif could not be arsed to walk less than 10 yards to check! I walked out or there thinking I’ll never use them again.... sportifs2.gifopenfire.gifopenfire.gif

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Took car in for 1st service yesterday and a couple of minor repairs. Picked car up faults sorted, one I would say was warrenty and the other wasn't but was done FOC. Car had been valeted including application of tyre dressing.

Top marks for Teesside Audi 169144-ok.gif

ps : Agree that service department is a buggar to get hold of.

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havent had any probs with TA, dealt with Andrew Virgen for both cars, this one was easy sale as i gave them a price and asked to them to beat it if they wanted the business. They did moan and say they was no margin but thats no my concern.

Servicing has been fine, you need to haggle saying that. ;-)

Hopefully i wont be in servicing for long time now as the wife has the A3 now and only runs to shops ect..

parking is arse hopefully this will change when they move.

overall, cant complain. they also have a new service manager in place.


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I've been going to Teesside Audi formally Lookers Audi, for about 9 years and ever since Colebrook & Burgess took over the service side of the things has gone downhill. They need more staff and bigger premises. I could not really fault Andrew, he got me a good deal, and gave me a loan car for three weeks. The way Colebrook & Burgess run things they get maximum profit at the expense of the customer.

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