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Thinking about swapping Cab for an Avant


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I'm putting the sensible hat on and thinking that one car will do.

The thought process at the moment is to get a 2.0TFsi SLine Quattro Avant to replace the Cab and the Renault Megane estate, the cab is 16 months old and still less that 4,000 miles, it is always easier to use the Megane for round the town and the Cab is under utilised, work and practicality mean that an estate is needed.

I will probably pay a visit to a local stealer over the weekend and see what the deals are.

Any thoughts as to what is on offer, price-wise, at the moment?

Also any general thoughts about the 2.0TFSI motor, I would really love another silky V6 but I just cannot live with the fuel consumption on a daily basis. Also I'm not a great diesel fan so I don't think I'll be going down that road.



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I've gone pretty much the other way but from a Sportback 2.0TQ Sline to a 3.2 Cab and can confidently say you wont be dissapointed with the 2.0T especially if you get the 220hp Special edition. It really is a great engine and delivers its power in a very similar way to a big normally aspirated engine just with more mid range, it also has balancer shafts so is very smooth.

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I would definitely go with the 2.0T over the 3.0TDi, the diesel just doesn't have the power to justify the mpg and price imho.

The 2.0TQ does the sprint to 60mph in the same time as the 3.0tdi Q, which is 7 seconds, the diesel is only around 4mpg more frugal and has all the disadvantages of being a diesel, plus the oil burner costs £4500 more (nearly £6k more of you add leather to the tdi).

For that you can get Nav+, bluetooth, Heated seats, Voice control, adaptive xenons, privacy glass, solar sunroof and PDC and still have £2k left over. Even if you did 50k miles a year the fuel saving from the tdi would still not exceed the extra £2k it would have cost for the diesel.

2.0T SE is a no brainer. 169144-ok.gif

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Thanks for the input so far guys, I drove a 2.0TFSI S Line today and I must say that the engine was pretty impresssive, not quite as gutsy as the V6 but lots less fuel going down and perfectly adequate for what I want.


Quite agree about the 3.0 Diesel, far too big a price hike to make it a sensible option for my 12k miles per year, as you rightly say, petrol perfomance with very little penalty in mpg compared to the cost.

Only problem now is that the stealer offered me a really low price on the cab and only 5% on the Avant. leaving me with £8.5k to find, which is more than I want to pay.

Guess I need to keep my eyes open for a deal or maybe someone wants to make an offer on the Cab!!

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Why not advertise the cab and then order a new avant online, around 10% saving on them via a broker.

You could also speak with the dealer they put you in touch with and get a price for the cab, that will give you 2 odd months to sell it with a fall back plan if needed. 169144-ok.gif

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