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Milltek & 996 GT3 ?


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Hi, everyone.

I am now a owner of 996 GT3. I registered to Tyresmoke with my previous car, VW R32.

Anyhow, I've been searching a sound clip of 2004 GT3 with Milltek exhaust. Has anyone seen any?

I had a very good experience with Milltek with my R32 and thinking of installing one on my GT3.

If you know of any, would you please provide me a link to the file.

Thank you.


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OOO Kyo, thats a nice step up. a good colour too! I cant help you with the Miltek except to say its worth checking out other exhaust manufacturers like Tubi too as when you move away from Vag there are other pipes to consider. I know for the CSL Supersprint is supposed to be a good choice.

So how are you getting on with the GT3? Is it as good as I have been told?


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Thanks for the info. I will check them.

There are few manufacturer that sell the exhaust system for GT3 in Japan too, such as Kreissieg and Range.



I was thinking of the Milltek because I wanted to do the ECU tuning as well. I don't think ECU tuning will produce much power on NA car, but I think it will change the feeling.

Thus I chose Milltek with SRS system from DNA tuning. The SRS system is a convenient way for me to upgrade the ECU.


I was really unable to decide which way to go; M3 or GT3. And I chose GT3. Yes it has only two seats and a very little luggage space.

But, each time I drive my GT3, I am very impressed. Even after eleven months, it has not been changed.

GT3 does not have any electronic devices such as traction control except for ABS. I like the way it is.

Anyhow, thanks again and I will post the result.

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