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Audi Recommended Timing Belt Maintenance


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Incidentally I got a 10 year old a6 estate recently to move house. It cost £1200 was in good nick having done 117,000 miles. It was a great car but I didnt need it anymore, sold it on to a mate for £1000 after I had finished with it.

I told him it needed 2 new front tires the catch fixing on the front driver door and get the cambelt checked.

To cut a long story short he took it to my garage, I know the guy well and he does loads of cambelts, he swears it was on the original cambelt ! He showed me the one he took out and it was seriously f***** and could have gone at anytime.

Still 10 years and 117,000 miles. I am not recommending this ovbiously and will probably get mine done now to be safe, just shows though.

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