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GTI Delayed + A Dilemma


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Hi Folks, hope you can help.

I ordered a 3Dr, DSG, GTI from a UK VW dealer back at the end of June. I was told that the order was "on the system" and they'd let me know about build dates, stuff like that. Delivery was supposed to be end of August/start of September. After a week or two I was told that the factory was closed in the summer for a few weeks, so that'd make the date slip, but they'd let me know. But I heard nothing...

Saw my dealer today and they report that they will know a definate date in two weeks time, but delivery will be November probably. The salesman said that he didn't realise, but the dealership had sold it's allocation of GTI's but that mine is next to be accepted onto the system, and he'll let me know when he gets a build week. As it's going to be November, he suggested I might want to wait until January, so it'll be a year younger.

I dn't know what to do. If I cancelled (and hopefully get my deposit back) would another dealer ordering from scratch be able to get one quicker?

I really don't know the ins and outs of the dealer ordering process. Am I being taken for a mug here? What's all this allocation business?

Should I wait for LED rear lights or a facelift?

Should I wait for an Anniversary GTI? (anyone know when they're due?)

And more importantly, I negotiated a price back in June, and it'll still apply to the car if I wait for January delivery.


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Hi Ranter >

First of all, what you have unfortunately experienced regarding your ordering, factory holidays, and the networking system, is not unusual at all. Also, it's true that VW dealers have very limited allocations of both GTI and R32 models. You would think that they would have got their collective acts together much better in this age of electronic communication etc! So I would push them for a date and keep politely on top of the situation.

You can check out another dealer before cancelling your existing one.

Whether you wait for LED lights, Anni, etc etc, is entirely up to you and what you would like at the end of the day. I will only say that there's always another latest model whenever you buy something, be it a car or a computer.

You're not being taken for a mug and whatever delivery you decide on, insist that your purchase cost is frozen (if possible).

Keep us posted.


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I disagree - you ARE being taken the P*ss out of. They have made promises to get your order - and are now towing you along.

I agree with RedRobin, make some inquiries accross the country and search for cars on the way/in stock/demo's?/cancelled orders. Clearly you need to decide what parts of spec and colour are flexible. The more flexible you are on spec - 3dr/5dr/leather/nav etc, the more chance you have of finding a car. Also whether you would look at a parallel import.

If you cant find another car you like, then you may have to stick with the dealer. But lets be clear - the dealer didnt know the factory had a holiday, or they had sold their allocation? B*llocks!

If you stick, I'd be writing to the sales director stating my displeasure and asking what gesture they will offer as compensation - free 1st service etc.

Let us know the spec you have orderd/wants etc and we can keep eyes peeled.

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I agree with edowen, the dealer must have known that their allocation had been used for the month you ordered (and the next 2/3 by the sounds of things!).

I ordered mine around the same time and every dealer I spoke to mentioned allocations and whether the order was going to be placed that month or the following month...

I spoke to my dealer a couple of days ago and they confirmed that my build week is frozen for September 11 (Wk 37), so this is the stage your car should be at if the dealer had not used their allocation.

You should definately complain to the dealer, don't see the point of delaying until January because the registration doesn't change to 07 until March 1st anyway. I can't see a buyer/dealer making any extra allowance in the future for a 56 plate registered in Novemeber vs a 56 plate registered in January. All cars built from mid-2006 onwards are MY2007 spec anyway.

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Its been said on here before the facelift is end of March. wink.gif

I was told by my source the 30th anni is pencilled in for build week 38-40 wink.gif

Ring LOADS of dealers make it clear your genuine, be willing to travel too, alot of dealers are PRE-ordering NONO3.GIF and can normally change the spec right upto a certain build time.

I think most places from order to delivery are 10-12 weeks now (excluding factory shutdown delay) unless you get a preordered one and then its quicker. Some dealer have far more left to sell so less delays.

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Cheers everyone, thanks for all your helpful advice so far

Snoopy, the Anni build week being wk. 38-40, is that this year, or next year? Also, do you know if the UK's allocation is sold out already?

eldiablorubino, I forgot to mention that I'm in Northern Ireland, and our vehicle numberplat system is different, we don't get a change of perfix in march or september, so the only incentive to wait until January is the fact that it's a 2007 registered car rather than 2006.

OliH, I'll PM you mate!, but if any of the rest here are interested, or are dealers that have allocation, here's my spec:

2.0T GTI

Diamond Pearl Black

3 Dr


Winter Pack



Ipod Prep

Cruise Control

Semi-Rigid Load Liner

Highline MFD

Rear Privacy Tint

Autoglym Lifeshine

18" Monza II's

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Ranter, i knew about allocation etc at the time of ordering and my dealer was being very shifty about it. They imply they have allocation without actually saying so, all to just string you along until a slot becomes available.

It's disgusting. There should be satcks of pre-orders in the system now, phone around and see if a dealer can get you one that can have a spec change.

Oh and BTW, you CAN most definately have your deposit back. They haven't ordered the car yet, if they say they have then ask to see it on the VW 'dialogue' system, then ask them for dialogue number. It's allocated immedietly by VW to every car queing at the factory, regardless of whether they even exist yet. If they still get fresh, then phone VW on 0800 711 811 and get them to do the bollock kicking instead.

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Mine came from Brighton - 170 miles away. It was absolutely no problem - train for £16.00 (with my Senior Railcard!)

A day to remember and worth it for the £1300 saving ;-)

Quite an experience - the biggest sum I've ever used my 'Switch ' card for...

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Snoopy, the Anni build week being wk. 38-40, is that this year, or next year? Also, do you know if the UK's allocation is sold out already?

[/ QUOTE ]

This year, I was told this quite a while ago many months ago now, It was pencilled in so not 100% at the time but allocation in production for october was made for it back then. It may have changed now though.

Dealers have no clue yet so non sold out if we even get any.

What im begining to think is that maybe 30th anni for europe tail end of this year and a 30th anni for UK next year as that would tie in with VWuk worped view of GTI anniversery that they set with the previous mk4.

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