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Poll : Are you loyal to your car ?


Who's going to win the 2006 WRC  

  1. 1. Who's going to win the 2006 WRC

    • Sebastien Loeb: He's dominated the scene throughout the last couple of seasons, but will the Kronos semi-works outfit work?
    • Marcus Gronholm: Has had lots of bad luck with Peugeot, but will the brand new Focus WRC be any better?
    • Petter Solberg: Had an unlucky '05, but the Imprezza seems to be on the pace, will he still be the 2nd place man in '06?

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Had My WRK for 7 years.

Why, Drove a new WRK a while back on a freebie on service (99) and found it too slow, why, 'cos they are getting heavy.....

Now spend too much on boats to even think about a new car.

So, quite happy with my (old) toy and the only reason he will go is if he gets expensive.

Now if anyone can come up with a good reason why I need a new boat, and an Atom. Step forward <u>NOW</u>

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Had my first car, a Mini, for four years whilst at Uni. Finished Uni, promptly sold the Mini and bought my Polo which, on the 1st of September, I will have owned for three years!

Quite happy with the Polo, no plans to change it unless the need arises for something bigger really smile.gif

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Since moving back to France in 2003, we have had 5 cars EEK2.GIF.

However, I think we will probably stick with what we have at the moment as the Touran is hideous but highly practical with three children and the Fabia is fun and cheap enough that it doesn't matter that it gets hardly any use.

I have been tempted to get a 'toy' for the weekend and occasionally think about getting the new S3, but reality usually bites and I realise I just wouldn't be able to justify spending any amount of money, let alone that much, for the amount of use it would get.

However, I am not renowned for sticking with my life plans so could easily surprise myself by moving to outer Mongolia and getting a supercharged musk deer.

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1st car I owned for just under 18 months.

2nd car I owned for just under 23 months.

I've now owned the BMW, my 3rd car, for just over 2 years. I was thinking about changing it, but now I think I might hang on to it for a while longer smile.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

I can't even remember what my third car was...

I suppose my cars are more like mistresses than loyal trusted partners. That's why I've had about 18 of them. tongue.gif

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I voted less than a year because the 6 is the only car that has lasted a year. My previous two lasted 9 months each and before that I was at 7 months, 6 months, 2 months and around 10 months...and indeed further back than that I've not kept a car more than a year for 5 years.

A quick calculation tells me I've had 11 cars in the last 6 years, excluding the 6-series and the A4 Avant. That's actuall quite appalling. All that money wasted on what is ultimately a very expensive addiction!

The 6 will stay until its at least 2 years old now though.

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Okay, thanks for all the replies, and votes, so far. 169144-ok.gif

It`s interesting to see that although the largest percentage of voters, up to now, keep hold of their car between 2 and 3 years, most of those who have replied, keep them for far less time.

You have unwittingly put my mind at ease, as well, as I thought that I was the only one around who changed so often.

I find I get "the itch" around 7 months of ownership, and start to plan what to get next. This usually takes maybe a month, and then I start to look around in earnest (for another month or so), until I find the car I want, in the condition I want.

So, in summary, I change after 9 to 10 months, usually.

And yes, as MrMe confessed earlier, I too have lost a boat load of money; especially in the last few years.

But, having said that, I`ve also had a boat load of fun with the stuff I`ve owned in that time.

And long may it continue. grin.gif

Thanks again...............and keep voting ! 169144-ok.gif

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