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I`m certainly no expert mate, but I do have a Compaq which I`m more than happy with.

I`ve had it about 2 years now, and had no problems (probably just given it the kiss of death now grin.gif)

Mine is probably a couple of models before the one you`re interested in, as it`s Pentium 4, 512MB DDR, and 120 gig hard drive, but I find it does everything I need, which includes quite a bit of Photoshop, which can be memory-intensive as with anything image-wise.

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fear pc world if anything ever needs fixing. For that price you could buy an equiv laptop. Toshiba, Panasonic and Dell Latitude (not inspiron) are all good.

Eg from Dell Outlet,

Latitude 120L (System Identifier. FCLZ8F9F)

Latitude 120L Pentium M 740 (1.73GHz 533MHz FSB)

Genuine Windows® XP Professional SP2

System Price £533.25

Operating System: Genuine Windows® XP Professional SP2

Memory: 1.0GB, 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM Memory (2x512MB

Hard Disk Drive: 80GB IDE (5, 400rpm) Hard Drive

NoteBook Screen: 15.4

DVD Drive: 8X DVD+/- RW Drive

The only difference is you don't get a dual-core processor - which is no loss for general use.

Dell Outlet

Alternatively buy from John Lewis and get the 5 year warranty. Nearly all laptops will go bang within five years, so you get a second 'free'. Well for about £200 of today's money.

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The spec you chose is fine, and will last a good few years.

An alternative is the Mac Mini

Spec'd with 1GB memory, keyboard and mouse, it comes in at £523, add £100 or so for a lcd monitor.

Yes it is more expensive than a PC, but:

* small, (size of 5 stacked cd cases)

* near silent

* very easy to use

* no viruses or spyware

* itunes, iphoto, imovie

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