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DMS'd 320D Msport


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Power is up to around 206bhp, torque up by about 25% and fuel consumption up a couple if you don't cane it everywhere.

I am booking the 120d in today so will let you know, I was thinking about selling the 120d for something more fun as I now have the S4, but I think the 120d is the better car and oout of the two I would rather loose the Audi. So I am going to remap the 120d and then decide what to do.

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I think we agreed on £500 for the 120d.

320d wouldn't cut it Scott, and to be honest I said I would never buy another BMW that had run flats on.

I have ordered new tyres for the 120d, being fitted Friday, if I am going to use this more than the S4 it is a must.

Alpina is lovely, looks great in the flash, but too expensive when you add nav and bluetooth, that costs an extra £4500 because of the UKs silly pricing.

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