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Can anyone help me???

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Guess this is not really the correct place to post this but i thought i would getter a better response here anyways here go's....

Am connecting a dvd player to my oem (factory installed) navi on a 07 golf gti mkv and have ordered this interface on e-bay item no.170083277835 is this all ok for a dvd player has the standard 3 power points 1 permenant 12v live an ignition live and earth, and of course the standard rgb plugs video, L and R audio channels how exactly do i go about plugging it all in can anyone clarify for me, any suggestions/tips/guides?

sorry a couple more questions i just thought of confused.gif

-does the picture in motion switch provided work how do you use it does it just intercept the gala wire where does it go on my nav unit.

-what is the difference beetween mfd2 a,b,c,d etc.

again sorry for all the questions

Thanks In Advance


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In an 07 Golf Mk V you'll have an MFD2 I think.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think that (like the Audi RNS-E) has the speed signal via CAN so the video-in-motion switch won't work because there won't be a GALA wire!

You'll need to buy the correct adapter that is designed for the MFD2, that will have the correct plug to go straight into the MFD2.

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ok thanks for your reply, to be honest i wasn't really bothered about picture in motion but will this cable work otherwise, can anyone shed some light regarding picture in motion and the gala wire if it exits on this system but most importantly will it work?

Thanks For The Help Cheers!!!

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