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Very interesting Supra build vids...


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f*cking American speech - As clever as these guys clearly are - the way they describe things, really leaves allot to be desired!

It was the same on the recent Cisco course i've just done - it was hilarious to hear the trainer rip the p*ss out of the americans!

[/ QUOTE ]

If you paid any attention you'd notice that it isn't related to nationality but rather to culture (Loosest possible sense of the word). This laughable display is fairly minor in comparison to the butchery done to the English language, particularly by a genre of music and other entertainment that shall remain nameless. I've not met a single person in the US who talks in such a manner and there are far too many kids in Britain talking far worse crap than this for you to attribute it solely to the Americans. American media may be guilty of carrying it, but idiots of all nationalities are guilty of adopting it.

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