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Whats cooking?? Nattys!!


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Hi Guys,

If you ever get a "hole" in your wax where you twist your applicater then you can just melt it ot get a nice flat surface!! Its amazing how much can get smeared up the sides.

I cooked mine today for 10 mins on a low heat with the lid on and i have 1/4 of a pot left!! I was very tempted to throw some #16 in there but i resisted.

All melting back down:


Flat surface and around 1/4 of a tub left!!



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Hi Sponge

My method was to fill a small saucepan with boiling water from the kettle and then place the Nattys in. After a few mins you could see it starting to run down the sides of the container. I then put it under a very low heat just to keep up water tempreture, it dident boil through out the process.

I suppose after a about 5 mins of sitting there i picked it out and gave it a swirl and the product was like melted butter most of what was on the sides had melted down but the swirling around made sure it all went in.

I kept the lid on, Nattys is sickly sweet and i dident want a nasty gases to escape or for the wax to dry out. I would advise the same but do make sure things dont get to hot to quick incase pressure builds up inside the container and then POW!! You will have a messy (but shiny) kitchen!!

Its a good move as you will probably have more wax then you think. I hope that helps.


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