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A quick question


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Hey everyone, i'm new around here.

Getting my first VW on saturday, its a P reg 1.4 Golf. (Quite excited actually) so I will be on here a bit I reckon.

Just a quick question, are induction kits really worth it? Pro's and con's? Would I notice that much of a difference? Same with chipping it? Worth the money or a bit pointless?

I only ask because I'm used to a 1.7TD Fiat, and don't know if I might find it slightly sluggish, even though it is a petrol? Didn't seem it on the test drive, but if I want a little extra?

Cheers guys, I'm sure you can help me out

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Not much (if anything) to be gained from an induction kit on a 1.4ltr. Possibly a bit of noise but no more performance I doubt. Chipping also is a waste of money. If anyone actually does it, they'll be offering a couple of bhp or so at a guess. You really need something with a turbo or a lot of cubes before chipping is worthwhile.

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Welcome to Tyresmoke 169144-ok.gif

Adding an induction kit to a 1.4 Golf won't give you anything in terms of power or torque increase - it'll just make the car noisier. If you can find someone who'll remap the 1.4 engine (I don't even think there's anyone who will), the gains you'll get will be negligible, if any, although the engine should run more smoothly.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you tell your insurance company - if you don't, your cover will be invalid.


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