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Testdrive MK 4 assistance


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hello all,

Just testdriving a couple with an aim to purchasing.

I know a lot of R32'ers mention to 'listen out for the fans' pulsing.

During driving, stationary, ??? When is the problem noticable, and during what state of driving.

Please assist !!

Respect to all,

Richey smile.gif

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Hi Richey,

ok when on "auto" mode, this is the air con, the fans will spin constantly, but if they don't and they "pulse" you no the are fecked. When on "econ" mode, air con off, they will work independantly cooling the engine when required. So basically get "auto" on and make sure they spin and don't stop. 169144-ok.gif

Where abouts in the country are you test driving these cars mate.

Jimmy 169144-ok.gif

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Jimmy P,

Your a legend.

I test drove one in Scarborough today. OK. Another one to test drive in Doncaster over the w'end.

The one this morning was OK. Silver, 3dr, 33333 miles !!

2 alloys were scuffed. VW sales guy fantastic. Gears smooth and silent, 1 owner from new. Not closs on finance though !! The search goes on !! smile.gif

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Cheers lads. . . .

Dealing with dealerships is never easy, and your almost sure that a better one comes up just after youv'e bought one !!

I might have to try bigger dealerships though . . . small ones don't offer the same haggling discretion !!!

Got to get one before June 1st . That's the deadline.

Jimmy P, Mattchaps, thanks lads. I knwo I am in good company. smile.gif

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