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Excel .......Grrrrrr........!


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Something odd seems to have happened to all of my spreadsheets that contain formula's. Until tonight, when I entered new data on these sheets the calculation would automatically take place as the formula was pre-populated into the cells. However, even though the forumal still shows, when I put data into the cells involved in the formula the cell where the result should appear stays balnk until I double click on it to bring the fromula up and then press Enter to confirm it.

EG If I enter the formula =A1+A2 in cell A3 and then enter a 2 in A1 and a 2 in A2, A3 stays as 0 until I open the formula up again and confirm it.

Anyone got any idea what I need to change to make all the sheets go back to working things out automatically when I enter data into the cells?

Cheers 169144-ok.gif

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