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Knocking noise and warning lights on mk4 golf


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mk4 Golf GTI 1.8T 2000. done 130,000 miles.

Having a few probelms but not sure if they are related. Getting the emisions light coming on and fault codes were saying that the mixture was to rich and that there was a leak on the turbo hoses. Garage told me there could be a whole in a pipe or the turbo is knackered. Is this true ?

Second problem is that while the auto choke is engaged on first start up it is having a bit of a problem at idel it just wants to die sometimes. No idea what this about so any help much appreciated.

And finally i am getting a lot of knocking from the engine when you get above 30 but its a constant noise it does not seem to speed up or slow down with the revs. Just gets more noise the harder you push. It also seems to get more noisy when you corner. Its very odd and i have no idea how to describe it. Flush.gif

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Leak in the hose was found and has been rectified. (thanks again Mook)

I have had another listen to the engine now as i had a nice long drive ome yesterday.

The noise is a tap tap tap noise. It is linked to revs as the higher the revs the more the speed the loader and faster the tapping gets.

My car did overheat about christmas time so could i have fecked somthing internally like the pistons?

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Errrrr ok i will try.

It sounds like i am running over cats eyes. Its the same sort of dull thudding. Its coming from the engine bay for certain but it does not happen at idel. The sound is not metalic in anyway.

It very hard to describe i think i may have to just give it to my work and tell them to have a play until they find it.

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