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Plastic Sill Trim


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Just a quick question,has any of you MKV 3 door owners have a plastic sill trim that goes almost the length of the door opening,right next to the door seal rubber. Its about 50mm wide and about 900mm long and grey in colour. The reason I ask is that I saw a MKV today that had exactly that, and mine certainly doesn't which is fortunate as I would have struggled to fit My "polished Stainless Steel" cover sills as this plastic trim gets in the way, big time.

I do know that the R today was an 06 plate and mine is an 07, so maybe its an age thing !! Anyway if you could be so kind to post whether you have it or not and maybe the year of your R. Have just had a thought, I wonder if its an "import" issue !!

I may have to re-think any more cover sills that I intend to get made if this plastic trim sill is the norm.Cheers Baldie

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