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  2. 'Inside Team McLaren' on Amazon Video

    I always thought there would be a sequel to "What Not To Wear"... I wasn't expecting "How not to run a Formula One team"?
  3. Grand Prix Driver, the series goes inside McLaren's racing team to see what it's like to compete in Formula One – not just from the perspective of the drivers, but of the engineers and team leaders, too.The series is set to debut come February 9 on Amazon Prime Video.
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  5. F1 2018 Drivers list

    Sirotkin confirmed at Williams. Robert Kubica gets a role as Reserve and development driver at Williams - PDR goes back to boring us on TV.
  6. F1 2018 Drivers list

  7. Audi Specialists/servicing Notts/Leics

    Is Brackley too far : APS have a big following
  8. Audi Specialists/servicing Notts/Leics

    Yes, these guys are very good:
  9. Hi. Can anyone roccemend a good Audi specialist / servicing works in the Nottingham / Leicester area as unfortunately the garage I used for many years have not stopped garage works. Thanks
  10. Prices have been consistently under £500 for the last year or so but now they've taken another drop. Oz: Nz:
  11. Post a pic of your car

    That's Purdey............
  12. Post a pic of your car

    Sorry to hear about your dad Thorburn. There is no such thing as too lairy. my new steed.
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  14. F1 2018 Drivers list

    Kvyat given Ferrari development driver role...
  15. 2016 polo vivo rear speaker settings

    Are you sure there are speakers behind the rear grills? Some Polos only have speakers in the front doors despite there being grills on all the doors. If yes, then as said check the front to rear fader in the audio settings.
  16. 2016 polo vivo rear speaker settings

    Check in the settings on the radio that the front to back fader is set in the middle, failing that take it in to a dealer as it'll be still under warranty being a 2016 car
  17. Post a pic of your car

    I think mine came first? Which makes you the one with good taste
  18. Good day and Happy new year i just recently purchased a 2016 Polo Vivo and i have noticed that the rear door speakers are not functional can someone assist me maybe my settings are incorrect, it still has the original standard radio
  19. Post a pic of your car

    That looks just like the one I had! You have (had?) good taste sir.
  20. Post a pic of your car

    I quite like the green but I always find myself thinking that it should only ever be on a Kawasaki motorbike....
  21. Post a pic of your car

    I'm watching the prices of the earlier Evoras, they look like great value to me - £25k for this - New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=le54eh&sort=price-asc&radius=1500&make=LOTUS&model=EVORA&page=1 Very tempting! (That's not my postcoode on AT BTW!)
  22. Post a pic of your car

    I kind of agree, I'd have considered a red one, but does seem a bit Ferrari wannabe. Nah, need the contrast with a bright colour IMO. Elise is yellow with silver wheels, but I have a ratty set of AWIs I keep meaning to sand down and have a go at painting black.
  23. Post a pic of your car

    There's a few Evoras in JCT near me The lairy green looks fabulous as does the orange. In red it looks like a Ferrari kit car though, it doesn't suit it at all in my view
  24. Post a pic of your car

    Love the fact the v12 is for special occasions so you bought yourself a sensible daily driver! Bloody awesome going!!!
  25. Post a pic of your car

    That Evora is bloody lovely. Silver wheels for me, though, please. Sorry to hear your sad news, btw.
  26. The £1k mobile phone I will probably stump up the £25 as my battery has definitely taken a hit larger than just age related derogation.
  27. WiFi extension

    Mucho grassi
  28. Post a pic of your car

    Stunning colour Mr Thorburn!!! Quite like the Evora. Good choice!
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