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  2. WiFi extension

    I'd leave Powerline as a last resort. In theory it's a good idea but in practise they'll get nowhere near the headline figures and depending on your wiring may give you such a poor connection that you'd be better off with iffy wireless. I like Ubiquiti wireless stuff, I have 3 of these in my large 4 bed house and I get great signal all over the house and in the back garden. In addition to the access points you need something to act as a controller but I can tell you more about that if you're interested. My brother has the new BT HomeHub and it's pretty rubbish, the wireless range is marginally better but the throughput tails off very badly so whilst there's a signal in all the bodrooms the throughout isn't good enough for Netflix to work reliably. He's getting a couple of the Ubiquiti access points I have.
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  4. WiFi extension

    As a side note, the Google solution looks good - but Google. So nah
  5. WiFi extension

    PowerLine is OK, but personally, I'd go with some kind of mesh system. Firstly how fast is your Internet connection? Secondly, what is your traffic like? Mostly to/from t'internet or do you run internal stuff too? It'll affect the choices. Powerline stuff is OK, but I've rarely seen them hit 200Mbps, even though they're rated far higher. That's fine if your internet is below that, and most of your traffic is that way - could be frustrating otherwise. Check out stuff like the LInkSys Velop or the Netgear Orbi .
  6. WiFi extension

    Hello. Having just moved into a larger house, I think the need for extending the wifi is going to be required. The previous owners had to so what are my best options? I just want one network, I don't want the device to have to switch between different wifi network names. The powerline adapters look neat and the new BT whole home system looks interesting (it is expensive though). A new BT homehub is being delivered this week and if I believe the hype the signal is much improved from older models.
  7. VR46 - Enduro Accident

    What an amazing ride from an amazing rider!
  8. Last week
  9. VR46 - Enduro Accident

    Legend status reinforced ... again.
  10. Riz - Have Tissues Handy...

    Wopps will buy you one for old times sake. The good old R32 days.... when the Internet was pure and virginal.
  11. VR46 - Enduro Accident

    Not a bad showing in quali, taking it all into account
  12. Uber lose Private Hire licence

    All the chatter from cab drivers I've spoken to for months has been about this. By that, I mean those in London or the south in general when I've flown or caught a train there. I have no doubt they'll all be celebrating tonight. I don't think the appeal will be as straight forward or successful as many people seem to think today. I can see the decision being upheld.
  13. Uber lose Private Hire licence

    As a Chester resident, I'm not in the least surprised by the taxi driver's geography knowledge
  14. Uber lose Private Hire licence

    Slightly worried about your taxi driver's geography skills.
  15. Uber lose Private Hire licence

    The taxi that picked me up in Chester earlier was over the moon about. It was like he won the lottery. I don't suppose he liked it when I said I bet it changed nothing.
  16. Uber lose Private Hire licence

    I get the impression people don't care and will continue to use them. People ignored the VW diesel scandal, the lack of taxes paid by big companies, Tesco over stating their profits and seemingly squeezing their suppliers etc, so I don't think this will have too much effect.
  17. Uber lose Private Hire licence

    Well their existing licence expires at the end of the month, however, they'll be allowed to continue operating through the appeals process, which could potentially be years, but likely to be months. That said, when the French revoked their licence in Paris they ignored it and carried on working, paying drivers fines for them if they got caught, now the fines come with jail time they can't serve that for their drivers so less are taking the risk and they're pretty much done. The problem with the argument that they don't vet their drivers is that if you were to take any company of their size (40,000 employees/drivers (delete as appropriate) in London alone) you'll find a few rapists/murderers/whatever, so it's not really a fair comparison to compare them to Joe Bloggs Cabs with ten drivers, I doubt they have any more 'wronguns' as a percentage of their drivers than anyone else. As I said, I suspect some small concessions will be made by Uber and their licence will be granted, whether the damage is done or not in the eyes of the public already au can't answer, I know that I wouldn't personally use them having seen some of their business practices but each to their own.
  18. Uber lose Private Hire licence

    They're saying that User are likely to appeal and that the process can take several years.
  19. Uber lose Private Hire licence

    Oh!! When does come into effect? Would,imagine black cab drivers will be ready to celebrate. Maybe better vetting of the drivers, as you hear a lot of negative stuff about more of them, than other taxi service drivers.
  20. Riz - Have Tissues Handy...

    Saw this already but it doesn't come across as a test-mule like the R400 did, is it a proven Volkswagen owned mule or is it just a modified Golf R that is privately owned/tested? If it does see a production version count me in not sure where I would get the funding for it though!
  21. Just reported on the news that TFL have declined to renew Uber's Private Hire licence on the grounds of public safety. Personally I don't think this will be the end of Uber in the U.K., I imagine Uber will appeal and make some concessions to address the issues and all will carry on as before.
  22. Speed with Guy Martin: F1 Special

    I enjoyed the episode and I like Guy but come on. I'm sure 90% of us could be trained up to take a wheel off. As for the scenes of him spannering on the car independently they were a bit cringy. I'm sure they would trust a rank beginner (in F1 engineering) to do certain things. Everything would have been checked, double checked and redone. Entertaining, but substance wise it was the poorest GM episode I've seen.
  23. Speed with Guy Martin: F1 Special

    As always he seemed to graft hard and hence did well. I love his passion, commitment and lack of ego.
  24. VR46 - Enduro Accident

    Passed fit today. Incredible!
  25. F1 2017

    You're gonna have to narrow that down.
  26. F1 2017

    "Inner Zoolander" - says it all really´┐╝
  27. F1 2017

    What a Cnut Hamilton looks on that picture.
  28. F1 2017

    Wise, as this quite from the article would suggest - " It was a good thing they were wearing sunglasses, in case they had to look in the mirror "
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