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Hi CJ,

Thanks for the compliments. You have one yourself so I don't have to preach to you how good this car is (in my opinion of course):grin:

As for the adaptive, I never had it before, neither have I ever been in one that has, so in effect can't miss what I've never had or experienced before. That is not to say though that if I did ever get to go in one that had, I can't be swayed. Maybe if I get to experience it, then I might regret not speccing it  

The MPE, as much as I'd like to,  I know I'll never buy simply because I've always kept my cars standard and also think what BMW have provided is loud enough for me and my neighbours. I've already been told they know it's me when I'm up the road of where I live. I don't begrudge anyone that wants to though. If they came as standard, I'd also gladly take it. :grin:


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Well, ive only gone and done it, after four weeks of procrastination.  :o Merry Christmas to me, collection for end of March hopefully. 

If red on blue is Superman, what's red on red? Bloodbath? 

The wait begins. 

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