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£200 Golf GTi - Yes or No?


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Ok - I have been offered a Golf GTi, MkII Big Bumper 8v 5 door in black for £200. Galactic mileage (200k), no MOT / Tax, runs but needs a new battery (and probably full brake / suspension overhaul etc. etc. as has been stood for 2 months).

Now, trouble is, i also have an old Fiesta XR2 Turbo Technics that we (me and my mate) need to prep for the '08 Scumball. Hmmmm - what do i do!?

The Golf would be mine and would probably end up with a TT 225 Engine transplant. The Fiesta is my best mates, but i can use it as a track car etc. if we get the engine sorted (not much, just a Turbo rebuild; manifold weld and a bit of a carb-tuneup.)..... BUT, do i want a Fiesta TT as a track car?

I dont know what to do!! confused.gifgrin.gif The Golf seems too good an opportunity to miss - and i love MkII GTi's.....

HELP! crazy.gifgrin.gif

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oh god - the wife will go mad!!! grin.gif

Yea - i need to do a thorough check on the state of the chassis etc. I will do a full coilover replacement and track-day spec brakes, cage, buckets etc. I want the engine to last a while and then do the conversion, so i suppose i need to see what that is like.

Apparently it will drive the 2 miles from theirs to mine - not that i would without an MOT!

I will go look on Friday and report back. I just hope my mate doesnt drop the Fiesta off for some surgery soon!! blush.gifgrin.gif

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Buy it Jon. If you don't you'll kick yourself and if you do and it turns out to be a shed you can sell it on for £200 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

You might get even more back for it.

These must be reaching classic status by now,I can't remember the last time I saw one on the road.

RR,is that MK1 really 750bhp? EEK2.GIFEEK2.GIFEEK2.GIF

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I had a MK2 big bumper 8v in black, it was a brilliant car. notworthy.gif

A point of note, these cars have quite a following so you might find that if you buy it and don't want it, if you can get an MOT on it and clean it up a bit you could turn a very tidy profit.

Go for it. 169144-ok.gif

This was mine, I absolutely loved it. smlove2.gif



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