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Hi Def Sound Setup Problem


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laptop has hdmi out [although I understand sony have only set it to carry stereo sound!]

it also has a headphones/speakers jack but no other audio-out interface.

So currently I can only get "tv" sound when watching my BluRay movies.

Anyway I can hook up a connection to my amp so that at least it will give me dolby digital to my 5.1 setup?

currently the connections are:


sky box [RCA]

xbox [toslink]

dvd player [coaxial]


laptop [hdmi]

dvd player [scart]

xbox [rgb component]

sky [scart]

I assume the only way is to run an RCA cable between the tv and AMP?

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A way around what? crazy.gif

Ok, sorry, I'm going to make an assumption here - you're only getting stereo sound from your BD source (laptop) and you want to know if there's a way to get more, e.g. 5.1?

I'd say no. Not unless your source, i.e. laptop, has a 5.1 sound card and can output such. And if what you say about your HDMI is true, then it sounds like it doesn't.

Simply plugging a stereo output into an AV amp will not give you (proper) surround sound. It might 'fiddle' with the 2 channels and output stereo to all the speakers, but it won't be true 5.1, for example.

I recently used my laptop to play an HD movie I downloaded. (My chipped xbox isn't powerfull enough.) I had the latop connected to my Plasma via VGA, but the only way to get audio was to connect the laptop headphone output to my AV amp. (I used something similar to this.) But again, all you get is stereo, as that's all that's being produced by the laptop. My AV amp can produced various surround effects, virtual speakers, etc, but it's still not true 5.1 surround sound.

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You sure you can't set the stereo/headphone output to optical??

This will give you DD and DTS then.

[/ QUOTE ]

good question and I don't know. I have asked e-Support.

It is stupid really as the Driver actually supports DTS and DD but for whatever reason they have crippled HDMI Audio output to stereo.

Mind you, without an optical out [and no HDMI input to the Amp] that is irrelevant isn't it?

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Reading up on various chipsets on laptops it seems that only a handful allow you to output >2 channels over HDMI, so the only option is to take a regular DD or DTS signal out digitally. Problem is your laptop doesn't seem to have a digital output on it.

So looks like you are stuck with sending out Prologic only with films. frown.gif

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