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Animal behaviour - any experts?


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I have two 20 month old cats and I am having some trouble with one of them which is now beyond a joke.

About two weeks ago I noticed that one of them had pee'd behind the TV. I cleared it up and disinfected the floor etc, no problem. The day after, it had happened again. So I cleared it up again, and read on the internet that pepper and also a citrus product of some sort could deter the cat from doing it again - so I put quite a bit of ground pepper down and also a couple of squeezes of Jif lemon for good measure. No problem for a day or so, but it happened again frown.gif

So behind the TV is becoming a regular thing, I have laminate flooring so it's not too bad but certainly annoying and I'd like it to stop, obviously. But on Sunday, one of the cats pee'd in the bath. Washed and disinfected, trawled the internet for more info, didn't find much. Then about three hours later my girlfriend went into the bathroom and found that one of them had upped the ante - with a stonking great poo right in the bath. Cheers kitty. Well of course I cleared that up, disinfected for the second time, and that hasn't happened since.

I thought we'd been I alright since Sunday, but yesterday I came home to another poo, on the hearth infront of the fire. I cleared that up, only for the littlest of my two cats to pee there around 20 minutes later, right in front of me! So, of course, I disinfected AGAIN.

No problems all last night, but obviously I'm aware of the threat. This morning, the little one comes to see me in bed, jumps up and rubs against me to say hello, gets a little scratch behind the ears and she goes to lay down on the duvet. I look at her 10 seconds later to find her squatting down, peeing on my quilt, with me under it mad.gif

Not impressed.

So the quilt's now in the wash and all the bedding's off to be cleaned. And I'm at the end of my tether smashfreakB.gif

She has done this once before and at the time I was moving a lot of furniture around the house and I understand that this kind of behaviour is a sign of stress due to change or them trying to tell you they don't like whatever you're doing. I started closing doors in the house where things were untidy/halfway through moving and reintroduced the litter tray and there was no problem after that.

I took the litter tray away again about 10 weeks ago and haven't had any trouble until now. I've read that this behaviour could be to do with stress or change. Now she doesn't seem particularly stressed (she's playful and purrs a lot) so I can only think that it's change. Two things have happened recently:

Another cat has been coming into the house and eating their food - remedied by reactivating the infra-red option on the cat flap and putting the transponders back on the collars of my cats. The transponders are a little worn/scratched and due to them being infra-red this means that sometimes the catflap doesn't open and both cats have got quite annoyed at the flap and scratched and banged at it until it opened, or I opened it and let them in.

The only other thing I can think of is that I've started seeing a new girl. Both cats seem to love her and are very playful and fussy with her. One thing that has cropped up in my mind though is that she has a dog (Dalmatian) and I wonder if the cats can smell that on her/her things etc.

The confusing thing is that I'm sure it's just one of the cats and I know which one, and she seems to be absolutely fine most of the time but keeps leaving me these little messages everywhere. Does anyone have any ideas on what I'm doing/not doing/should do? Obviously reintroduce the little tray is top of the list but I can't understand why I need to after 8 weeks of being fine without it confused.gif

Cheers 169144-ok.gif

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When we got our first one, it was a stray caught at Alton Towers. We had a litter tray in the utility room and made it her home to start with, then we let her into the kitchen and family room. First poo turned up on the family room carpet, she obviously didn't know what the tray was for.

No word of a lie, I scooped the poop and took it to the tray with the cat and dropped it in. I then said with much gesticulting "Your sh*t in there, you *points at cat* sh*t in there *points at tray* ok?"

And from that day on, she's never done it anywhere else. grin.gif

I've just realised that probably doesn't help you much. blush.gif

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I think i know why they might be doing it, in the wild they bury their poo as there is usually a dominant tomcat who gets to not bother burying - marking his territory. They might be trying to mark their territory to ward off the other cat? I would try a super soaker and spray the cat every time you see it to try and put it off.

The other option is the cats are don't view you as the tom cat any more and are challenging your authority. Can I suggest taking a dump in the fireplace to show them who is boss? Just kidding I think the first option is best!

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Sorry, being thick (it is late). Do you, or do you not, have a permanent litter tray?

Like you suggest, it's my understanding that behaviour like this is stress related. Possibly due to some sort of change in their, or your, lifestyle. They need routine. They need a litter tray, available 24/7, in the same place.

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We have two 3 year olds.

Very occasionally I have found a poo or pee in the bath. This is always when we have left the litter tray a day longer than we should have. I think it might be due to the loss of the litter tray. It may also be becasue for some reason they don't want to go outside so need the litter tray.

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Real Bummer Shark-. You have my simpathy.:confused:

Sounds like me it could be the smell of the Dalmatian. Has the dog ever been to you house ? It seems like they are trying to relay their own scent over you again. There is also a theory that says the smell of the disinfectant bleach can smell like urea and will actually reinforce it as their toilet area which is why you get repeated episodes in the same area.

Obviously the cats can leave the house when they need to go, the cat flap isnt causing a problem on exit aswell as entering.

Hope you get this sorted....still miss our wee Puddy :ffs:


P.S Oooooooo look I've got a new name........

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